Slides Are Best When Connected to a Kids Bed

Have you and your child ever wanted to go out and play on a slide, only to find out its either too rainy outside, or the sun is so bright the slide will burn skin? If so, new kids furniture could be solution since some beds also have a slide on them. And here’s the best part; not only is the slide indoors and safe from the weather, it is directly attached to your child’s bed! Just think about all the fun your little one can have, not only during play time, but even just sliding out of bed for school each morning! A great, safe, and fun investment that could save so much headache later, since the bed easily converts with your growing child.

One of the main aspects that this type of furniture concentrates on is the safety of every child that has one of these beds. Each bed has rounded corners to keep children from falling and hurting themselves, and soft closing drawers for those little ones that get into everything. Even the paint that is used on the beds is safe. Paints are nontoxic, environmentally friendly, and solvent free. Each slide and ladder sold has its own fair share of safety features too, including handrails, slip free steps, and a soft landing at the bottom of every slide.

Another plus to making a slide part of a kids bed is not having to worry about rain preventing fun. No sun will dull its color, no rain will keep your child from playing. Best of all, the sun won’t be able to directly hit the slide, so you’ll never have to worry it may be too hot to slide on! Never again will your son or daughter burn themselves during playtime!

There will, of course, come a time when your little one outgrows playing on the slide, but that can be easily remedied as well! Each slide is detachable, and every bed is customizable. Trade the slide for a bunk bed, a school desk, even a slide out nook for sleepovers! You’ll never have to buy another bed to suit your child’s taste again!

So, when it comes time for you to find your child a bed, consider giving your child more than just a place to sleep. It becomes a place to play, grow, and a place to have fun with the adults in their life. Then watch it grow with them as your little one enters their teen years.

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